CORE opens office in Bethesda, MD to service Washington, DC and Eastern seaboard areas. Read more
CORE opens office in Sugar Land, TX to service Houston and southwest regions. Read more
Steve Huyghe has authored a book of construction advice, tips, and anecdotes from a successful 40-year career. "CONSTRUCTION-THE PERFECT STORM" now available for order:  Ebook + Hardcover
...Huyghe does an outstanding job of
encapsulating his over 40 years of experience for the reader...any construction professional will gain insight from his knowledge and expertise...
...your an excellent summary of the key issues in making a success of a construction project. There is a real need for your book, to remind people in the industry what counts.

​CORE is an international consulting company comprised of highly experienced and well known construction professionals who have worked together as contractors, advisors and claims consultants for over 25 years. ...




We provide clients with unprecedented levels of expertise and excellent outcomes. Read more about our services and results. ...


We collaborate with our clients to provide exceptional, personalized attention to ensure their goals and expectations are achieved. ...

To develop, drive and deliver extraordinary outcomes for our construction clients, from any location in the world. CORE provides proactive program management and dispute resolution services throughout the world, including the preparation and defense of claims, helping to strategize a legal defense, and provide expert testimony. 

"Steve Huyghe has both a keen insight for the construction process as well as skillful analysis of the scheduling and productivity issues surrounding the construction and completion of complex projects...I can recommend Steve without hesitation or qualification."