Global Alliances

CORE works with a unique collective of Alliance members and experts with superior knowledge and experience gained through construction careers working for major firms, on major construction projects. We have practical, hands-on experience applicable to every aspect of construction.  And because of our combined field, litigation and trial experience strengths-plus our comprehensive industry knowledge-we ensure our clients' large scale construction projects have the best possible outcomes, by providing the best means to resolve issues or help prevent them from occurring. 

Steven A. Huyghe

Founder & Chairman

CORE International Consulting, LLC



As founder and chairman of CORE International Consulting, Steve provides specialized executive consultation and advice-in trusted confidence-for construction owners, contractors, and ministries. Steve devotes his time and passion to helping these executives optimize their construction process, progress, and success-before, during and after construction. Steve has provided expert testimony in many countries and in multiple venues. 


Christopher E. Anderson
Executive Director

Chris Anderson's diversity of experience includes construction management, CPM scheduling, claims evaluation, and analysis services for industrial, infrastructure and commercial construction projects. Chris is highly skilled in the assessment of damages in support of litigation, including all aspects of estimating, scheduling, construction management, project risk management and dispute resolution. He has been retained to provide consulting and expert testimony services for labor productivity, schedule analysis, delay and impact evaluations, construction contracts, project management and project cost.

Alan R. Biddle, PE
President of Southeast Operations

Alan Biddle is highly experienced in civil engineering design, construction management and project consulting. He has extensive knowledge of construction management practices and has been directly involved in the design, engineering, construction, and analyses of numerous environmental, commercial, industrial, infrastructure, and tunneling projects in the USA and internationally. Alan has been retained to testify in legal proceedings as an expert on scheduling and project delay, labor and equipment productivity cost and damages, estimating, and a host of other topics.

Gerard King, President

KING Planning's extensive experience in the construction industry allows for specialist services of the highest quality to be provided in the areas of Planning & Scheduling, Construction Litigation, Training Services, 3D Modelling and Quality Assurance. With over 30 years experience, KING Planning's deep background in and knowledge of all facets of construction projects brings unparalleled value to clients to help them achieve the outcome they desire. KING Planning have an enviable track record on projects throughout Australia, Asia, North America, Africa and the Middle East.